Another shot while riding as a passenger down the 101 in California.

This one into a random river, with a conveniently placed bridge amongst quite agreeable evergreens.

Shot with my Canon T2i, with the kit lens (18-55). Edited in Pixlr-O-Matic’s Chrome web app.


I was riding in my Freightliner along the highway 101 in northern California.

My goal here was to get pictures of the redwood forests in that area.

Instead, I got this shot.

I’m a big fan of “accidental” shots. I believe there is beauty and art to be found in these.

Wether you’re a fan or not of this aspect of photography, I present this for your consideration.

I hope you enjoy it, and I hope to have more for you to see soon.

Thank you for checking me out!

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Here it is. One of the first shots I ever took as an aspiring photographer.
This was with a Canon EOS Rebel, 35mm film camera with the kit lens.
I purchased this camera at the time (1992) that my friend bought his first PC. (a 386) Funny aside about that, I didn’t own a computer until 1998. Now I’m completely absorbed in all things tech, and his net presence is damn near zero.
Anyway, this camera, which I never really understood, (but do now, thank you) launched my love of photography.
I thought it fitting to make the first photo I post here such a shot.
I understand the quality is not great. So please forgive.
Many more to come, as I continue to learn and grow.

I will always consider myself an amateur. Regardless of wether or not I ever sell a single shot, or, forbid, become employed as a photographer.
I find the “Amateur” moniker to keep me grounded, to make sure my head never swells.

My intentions here are to simply share. If you ever find a shot you like, feel free to use it. I only ask for credit.

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